Legends of Andor Will Be On iOS And Android

The legendary board game about the magic kingdom of Andor returns. Now it will be featured on both iOS and Android to bring back nostalgia, along with rediscovered gameplay and animated graphics. Its title is Legends of Andor — The King's Secret.

USM Games in association with Daedalic Entertainment Bavaria produced the King's Secret. And also the original game's author Michael Menzel contributed to the game becoming reality.

The new mobile title will unveil stories from the game's universe that remained unknown previously. The gameplay will feature 4 character classes: Sorcerer, Warrior, Archer, Dwarf. And on your odyssey through the game, you will meet magical beasts & creatures, heroes and villains. And of course, the kingdom must be protected from the mysterious Forces of Darkness.

The campaign will feature twelve Legends, with every single one of them offering unique challenges, obstacles, dangers, and opponents. You will have to learn to use your heroes' talents and forces strategically, eventually fending off your adversaries and also battling the new Menace, which came from the south.

To let you understand how things work, Legends of Andor will walk you through a tutorial in the single-player mode. And picturesque landscapes of the board game will finally come to life with noisy rivers, calm forests and birds twitting, as your quest of stopping the Evil begins.

Legends of Andor — The King's Secret promises a challenging and captivating gameplay that won't disappoint fans who played the Andor since the first board game edition; new players; fantasy and Tolkien enthusiasts; and the players who have a soft spot for strategic games.

Travel through Andor and Rietland, master the magic, learn the spells, soak your blade in the vile blood of the enemy. Discover secrets of the past and save the kingdom, when a dark fate is looming over it.

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