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Welcome to HighermindApps.com. The first site about video games consciousness and education.

Unlike many other sites, we are not posting all of the latest and greatest video games news. Because we know that there are already exist hundreds of great websites offering the same thing. On HighermindApps.com we are focused on posting thoughtful and educational articles related to the gaming world.

Our team consists of real video games’ admirers. We are not journalists, some of us are still students working at earning our degrees and figuring out how to combine our goals in life with our love of video games. Some of us are already taking part in creating of video games, and it’s really amazing!

Our team is represented by four people

Steve is a video games designer. Knowing the topic from the inside, he can give a quick view of any video game and tell everything about its idea, concept and visual embodiment. As a designer to the core, Steve prefers games with a broad sense completed with a realistic graphics. These are L.A. Noire (2011), Life Is Strange (2015), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine (2015).

Mike calls himself a game nerd because he plays video games from the age of 5 when parents brought him a first PlayStation on a birthday. With the probability of 99,9 %, he would give you a precise answer on any question about contemporary video games. Mike is an arcade games expert with 18 years of experience. His specialty on this site is video games stories, but actually he’s that kind of game nerd that can dive into any topic related to gaming. Simply put, he is not only writing about games, he just takes them as a part of his life.

Nelly is our expert in culture; she studies culturology at the college. Her deep affectation by the video games influence on the pop culture became a theme of her diploma. All her research dedicated to the topic: many hours on games forums, chatting with players, reading all the articles on the Internet and in libraries as well. Some of Nelly’s research is here on HighermindApps. You may take a look at them and share your opinion on it.

Lenny is studying game development at university, so he’s got a professional interest in video gaming. The independent game industry is his favorite topic, but he doesn’t stop on it and extend the boundaries of video games on the whole. So we are proudly present some of Lenny’s articles on this site.

We share our video games experience completed with a particular point of view on video gaming. We consider video games like a complicated sociocultural phenomenon. For us, they are a category of study. Exploring the phenomenon, we pay attention to four main aspects (we admit, that you can find even more unique facets of video gaming as well).
01. Design.
02. Art.
03. Story.
04. Culture.

Considering this aspect, we emphasize on how and what makes a game different from other mediums such as film or books. As you know, the designer of a game is very much like the director of a movie, he is the visionary of the game, and so he creates a brand-new world, as well as writers and film directors, do. So we learn this entirely new universe of each video game and look attentively on its artistic and technical elements. Video game design starts with an idea, then completes with a concept, their visual embodiment – the video game design is a matter of our big interest. Game design is one of those tricky to understand concepts that often don’t cross the minds of the average gamer, and we are here to kindle a greater interest in what makes games unique.

Video games as a form of art are considered from the late 1980’s. In 2000’s they already were declared as one of the most important art forms in history. Video games include many types of traditional artistic expression — illustration, sculpture in the form of 3D, modeling, narrative arcs, and dynamic music — it is indeed a powerful combination of different art types. This synthesis allows the player to achieve a personal artistic experience. Those who play are following the story of the author and are bound by the constructs of the rules — but based on the choices they make; thus the involvement can be entirely personal. Achieving this experience, you become a consumer not only of a visual aspect of the game, but you also get the sense of a full combination of graphics, music, and cinematography. They all play an essential role in making a video game a truly unique experience. The total immersion into a video game can fulfill you with a sense of a catharsis. And it’s also a fascinating part of video games art.

Many would argue that the story is told in a video game is the most crucial aspect. The story helps us determine what actions we’re going to take, it puts individual games into context and creates emotional investments which cause us to stick with certain games until the very end. The most exciting aspect of a video game story is that it can be employed to tell a story of a particular character or event or be entirely open for the player to make his or her own story. It can be simple but still useful or elaborate and engrossing. In our articles, we learn to identify story structure and themes of rising action in video games, just like we would with traditional stories and movies. We also try to evaluate the role that primary and secondary characters come to play in a game’s story and then find the importance of understanding how these games present their stories in the actual gameplay.

To many of us, gaming is more than just our hobby; it is a part of our lives. Gaming has evolved from only clusters of nerds sitting around a TV screen to an entire culture of people with different heritages, beliefs, and backgrounds. Gaming culture manifests itself in the form of fan art, music, commentary, comments on the internet, social behavior etc. The enormous influence of video gaming on popular culture, internet culture, and digital culture is difficult to overestimate. All in all, becoming an entire culture itself, video gaming worth attention. And our team at HighermindApps is determined to take a closer look at this culture and find all the beautiful and ugly things about it.

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