Summer 2019 Best Educational Games for Kids

Today’s parents are torn apart by two wishes: one is to give their kids the best they can (including all the attention), and another is to live their lives the way they want. The latter is, in fact, a part of the former: happy parents are the best pattern for the kids. Where does the compromise lie?

Today’s technologies to the rescue: the apps we provide are games and learning courses at the same time. These apps provide the best sort of edutainment, and parents only need to introduce them to the children. Then the kids deal with these apps by themselves, and there’s anything for them to succeed.

Hopster: Learn & Watch Kids TV

Hopster Learn and Watch Kids game screenshot

In fact, it’s an entire subscription of TV channels for kids, with cartoon series, educational programs, and courses on any discipline the youngest may need. It features famous shows like Sesame Street or Fireman Sam, Cloudbabies, Bob the Builder, and so on.
The app features books and games, shows and cartoons, in the launcher with friendly interface and bright colors. The content is curated manually, so all the programs are useful for kids, and nothing inappropriate can make it in. Like any TV package, this one requires a paid subscription, and its price depends on your region and on the period of subscription. The longer you select, the cheaper is your month.

Elephant Learning Math Academy

Elephant Learning Math Academy game

The elephants are best praised for their memory, but this breed of an elephant is also good at math. It provides mathematical problems from the simplest to rather complicated, so it’s useful for children from the earliest age to teenagers. It promises to do one year’s work in ten weeks if practicing half an hour a week.

The developers of these programs are socially concerned, so, when you buy one instance of the app, you also sponsor another copy to be given to those in need.  They also make the Elephant Learning compatible with the average school curriculum, so it will be a great assistance to kids’ regular lessons. 

Toonia Colorbook - Educational Colouring game for Kids & Toddlers

Toonia Colorbook - Educational Colouring game for Kids & Toddlers screenshot

Coloring books are hard to overrate when it comes to toddlers’ progress. It requires fine motor skill as well as color understanding. To color the picture right, a young colorist needs to detect colors in real life, to know their names, and then to realize the colors can change. Older kids may find some kind of pleasure in recoloring the pictures surrealistically wrong, taking their understanding to a new level.

Head Over Heels About Gymnastics

There were fears in the late XX century that electronics would cause our bodies degradation, opposing digital to physical. The reality proved these fears wrong, and there is a reason. Head over Heels is a gymnastics trainer in your phone or tablet. It contains graphical and wide instruction on lots of skills and tricks, showing you how to perform them. The program includes warmups and preparations, leading the kids from the simplest steps to complicated exercise blocks. The inclined kids may adore it; so, despite the developers did their best to make the program as safe as can be, parents better keep the children from overtrying.

Penguin Addition

Penguin Addition itunes game screenshot

And here comes a mathematically gifted animal again! Penguin is concentrated on addition and subtraction of numbers under 20, so it will be useful to preschool kids and early grade students. But the app is made with rich fantasy, it looks funny, and it really attracts. It contains regular problems and challenges that are fun to take even for an adult. So Penguin leads kids through basic arithmetic with unexpected warmth.

Times Tables and Friends, 1-12

Times Tables and Friends itunes game screenshot

Okay with addition and subtraction with the Penguin? Let’s proceed to multiplication and division, with the Bear! The Times Tables app will lead the kids through multiplication tables with jolly animated characters. This game requires knowledge of the times tables, and you can play it in various modes, from learning and training to challenging your friends on a split screen.

It’s first of all useful for 1-3-graders, but even older children can turn to it if they experience problems with multiplication. Learning multiplication, by the way, helps understand division better.

Hello Numbers

Hello Numbers aoo screen

Before our mobile era, one needed to be a genius like Ramanujan to become a “friend of numbers”. Now numbers get friendly to kids with the app named “Hello Numbers”. With this app, toddlers and preschoolers may learn how numbers correspond with real life, what they mean, how they interact with each other, and how one can deal with them. The app is layered, as a good piece of edutainment should be.

The app tastes best together with the eponymous book that goes accompanies with some studying equipment. But you don’t have to own this book to benefit from the app, as it’s quite self-sufficient. You’ll only need to deactivate the features that require the book, as it’s easy to do in Settings.

Edutainment as a Fact

All of these apps need to be introduced by parents or teachers, so young users can learn how to play with them. While playing, the kids will unconsciously learn colors and numbers, addition and multiplication, moves and words.
But, no matter how useful and greatly made these apps are, the kids’ screen time should be controlled. Learning with apps and remote teachers can be great, but as an addition to real attention from parents and teachers, not as a substitute. The best the parents can do is turn these apps to a sort of collective games, charging them with emotional warmth. 

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