Various Ways of Playing With Words

Are you fond of word game puzzles? If you answer in the affirmative, you will definitely be interested in the list we offer below. If you are not sure you have a real passion for this kind of entertainment, we are going to persuade you that word games are worthy of your attention, especially when they don’t weigh too much and deliver engaging gameplay.

What is so special about word games?

Word games combine entertainment and educational elements suggesting to test your language abilities and allowing to develop such skills as spelling, meaning, and vocabulary. Here we can also speak about logical thinking and fast reactions. The rules may differ. They can govern penalty for guessing, timing, various rewarding plans, and more. But all these games have some features in common. They are rather simple, with clear mechanics using boards, tiles, grids, and requiring certain actions from the player.

You can be suggested to form words using a restricted set of letters which are supposed to be arranged in various order to get different results. Some games involve transforming words, meaning that you have a starting word which you must turn into another one through a series of transformations. Sometimes you are suggested to continue changing it until you get a starting word again. Also, you may have to solve a puzzle to understand hidden words. There are also word searching games when you are offered a board filled with letters and expected to find words among a confusingly large number of symbols.

Anyway, a player will get the information needed to complete the task in the form of word patterns, definitions, categories, anagrams, number of letters or words in set phrases, and so on. As you see, you will never be bored with these simple word games. Moreover, winning conditions also differ a lot. According to the tasks, you will win if you find all hidden words, form other words, use all letters, manage to perform in time.

Do you still have no interest in playing games of this kind? We hope that you are eager to try. And here we suggest the hot top ten games of this genre.


Wordbase game screenshots

This is a word searching engine and a spelling game at the same time. Multiplayer is available. Show off your excellent vocabulary and win. There is a board, and you will move across it to find words among tons of letters. You are expected to apply some strategy and be careful with word placement. There are several modes: Classic, Timed, Wager, and Bombs. You will get word search and crossword puzzles, as well as challenges connected with timing. You will put points on the line and find various power-ups on the board. Hurry up for playing this game, because it can be shut down in the nearest future as far as it has no IAPs.

Four Letters

Four Letters game screenshots

This game restricts your time, suggesting just 20 seconds to form a word using only four letters. Upon expiration, you will get the next set of letters. Your goal is to perform the task in time and continue as long as you can. It is clear that the puzzle can have multiple solutions meaning that you can form various words with the suggested letters. The game is good for the development of word-forming skills.


Supertype game screenshots

This title stands out if you compare it with most other word games. You will be suggested to arrange letters on the board in such a way that you could hit different markers. Sometimes several letters are already typed out; in other cases, you should do it yourself. Here there are a lot of things to consider, including the spare space in a line. So, think twice what you should do.


Typochondria game screenshots

This is about spelling. You are expected to find mistakes and edit the sentences displayed on the screen. That is a good beginning for the career of a book editor. If you like such activity, the game may bring a relaxing experience. There is an endless Zen mode for you to get some calm fun. But if you want to test your skills, launch the Challenge mode. In addition, you can choose genres of the text with their particular vocabulary: crime or romance, Sci-Fi or Non-Fiction.

Letterpress - Word Game

Letterpress game screenshots

For those who love competitions, we suggest this title. Invite friends and form words using the suggested letters. Or you are welcome to compete with a bot. Anyway, on the screen, you will see a board consisting of blocks with letters. The task is to make as many words as possible. For each word, you get points. When the game is over, all players count their points and decide on the winner.


Blackbar game screenshots

There are blocks of text with missed words. As you might expect, you must enter the correct words and restore the narration. Here you have no menu, soundtracks, or other elements to distract you. You will have just a white sheet of paper with some text typed on it. Solving the puzzles of this kind, you will train your writing skills.


Typeshift game screenshots

This is an unusual puzzle game combining crossword puzzles and anagrams. Launching the app, you will see columns of letters on the screen. Your task is to find as many words as you can, sliding the columns. Levels complicity gradually increases. You will enjoy smart gameplay and attractive design, which will keep you playing for a long time.

Word Search Puzzle

Word Search Puzzle game screenshots

This game is well-designed. Within this title, you can count on a classic word search experience. You should find words in a large block of letters. They can be located vertically, horizontally, diagonally, and even backwards. When you find them, swipe and drag their first letter. It is allowed to choose one of three difficulty levels. If you want to make it even more complicated, apply a timer mode or an expert word search mode.

Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza Word Puzzle game screenshots

This game resembles a crossword puzzle, but you are not to fill in letters. They are already typed in, except all parts of a crossword are separated and displayed on the screen. You should find matching sections and renew the whole construction with complete words. Download this app and get new puzzles every day. It is very addictive due to this fresh idea of challenges.


Cryptogram game screenshots

The most engrossing game of this list is probably Cryptogram. Solve cryptic messages using the 1-to-1 substitution cipher, which you should find in the coded text itself. You will need strategy thinking, solid knowledge of the English grammar and vocabulary, to decode the quotes of famous persons. When you find the needed letter patterns, you will be able to read the phrase. You can play online and offline.

Minimalism as advantage

We have described stunning titles in this genre, which can boast of perfect minimalistic design developed to suit mobile devices. They are perfect for mobile gaming. You know, there are games which are available for smartphones, but they are not meant for this format with touch controls, while the arcade and word games seem like the best solution. They are fun to play and do not consume too much energy. You can play for a couple of hours without juicing your device out due to a minimalist design and simple idea of playing. Such games are addictive and challenging while usually being easy to play.

Diverse your experience and try the games focused on gameplay but not on bright design. Please, leave your comments and share it with your friends.

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