Top 10 Digital Board Games 2019

Board games are experiencing a huge comeback these days. That’s mainly because of the quality of the currently available titles, which is a lot better than that of the games of the past, such as Monopoly, Risk, and Scrabble. Board games of today are compact, fun, and really interesting to play. Their new digital form has lots of benefits: digital board games are easier to learn, speedier to play, travel-friendly, and a lot more fun, since you can play with other people online.

The majority of board games are created for up to six players. These days, finding six like-minded people that are up to getting together in a room to enjoy a physical board game is not an easy task. But when it comes to the digital world, finding six pals who love a good online board game is a piece of cake. And even though mobile digital games are not perfect, a lot of people fancy them greatly. In our view, it’s just a matter of choosing a game that suits your needs best. Below, you will find some of our favorite digital board games of 2019. Browse through their descriptions and give the ones you fancy a try.

Gremlins, Inc.: Must-Have if You Like Board Games

Gremlins, Inc. gameplay

Gremlins Inc. is a steampunk style digital adaptation of a board game that doesn't exist. It’s a smart video game where you take on the role of a greedy, corrupted genderless gremlin, fighting other gremlins over cash, prestige, and power. You compete with others by moving your character along a board and i.e., triggering particular events. There’s a bit of a learning curve at the beginning, but overall the Gremlins Inc. game is easy to play. 

Gremlins Inc. is intelligently designed and well-polished. Its level of strategic depth is definitely going to take your breath away. The graphics are great, while the sound effects and the songs are outstanding. While making the most of Gremlins Inc., you will enjoy both the singleplayer and the multiplayer experience. And the game gets better with every update, which is also awesome. Definitely worth buying. 

Armello: Super Slick Gaming Experience

armello gameplay

Armello is a virtual fantasy board game that offers a great balance between RPG and strategy. In the game, you’re on a mission to invade the palace and become the new King (or Queen) of Armello. Your character is a hero from one of the Armello clans. While playing this gem, you will hunt, develop strategies, explore, battle enemies, use magic tricks, and fight with other players. 

You can play this atmospheric game solo versus bots, people, or enjoy it together with friends. At first glance, it may seem that the game is a chaotic mix of mechanics, but somehow it all works very well. Armello offers several ways to triumph and a very exciting combat system. Well-polished, amazing to play, deep, and very smart, Armello boasts high replayability and is totally worth checking out. If you like strategy games, this title is for you.

Gloomhaven: Early Access, but Such a Strong Start

Gloomhaven gameplay

Gloomhaven is a fantasy-themed digital implementation of the popular eponymous board game. In the Gloomhaven digital game, which is currently available in early access, cards represent your character’s movements. Featuring over 90 unique scenarios, Gloomhaven is a very content-rich title for up to 4 players. 

When it comes to other perks of the game, they are its top-notch animations, incredible characters, regular updates, as well as fast, furious, fun, and challenging gameplay. Despite a few bugs, the game plays very well. If you have enjoyed the real-life version of the Gloomhaven game, you will love the digital adaptation as well. 

100% Orange Juice: Adorable, Fun, and Charming

100% Orange Juice gameplay

100% Orange Juice is an excellent digital board Japanese-style game that features vibrant colors and a few similarities with Mario Party. While playing the game, you collect stars, roll a dice, move around a board, and fight enemies — something that will remind you of Mario Party for sure… Utilizing cards, dice, and even turn-based strategies, this highly inexpensive title has the full 100% of our appreciation.

Even though it lacks any tutorial, 100% Orange Juice is quite straightforward and easy to play. With its cute design, awesome soundtrack, and fantastic customization possibilities, the game is rather addictive. 100% Orange Juice is best experienced being played with your friends. So if you’ve always wanted to try a fun digital board game, 100% Orange Juice is something you might actually like. 

Slay the Spire: Challenging but Hugely Rewarding

Slay the Spire gameplay

Slay the Spire is a perfectly crafted roguelike adventure game that cements its place as one of the best titles of the genre. It’s available for the fans of PS4, Nintendo Switch, as well as Mac and Linux users. The game is a combination of card battling and dungeon crawling. While playing, you move along a range of various paths, battling your opponents by making the most of the abilities from a customized deck of cards. 

Slay the Spire is not an easy game. However, it’s immensely rewarding. Each difficulty you encounter is a learning experience. With enough determination, you will keep coming back for more until you succeed where you’ve previously failed. The game feels truly one of a kind in its niche. It’s the kind of game that gets under your skin. Highly enjoyable and addictive.

Lords of Waterdeep: Spot-on Gameplay & Solid Mechanics

Lords of Waterdeep gameplay

Lords of Waterdeep is a clever, competing, fast-paced resource management video game where you play as one of the masked lords ruling the city of Waterdeep. You fight against your opponents to collect as many Victory Points as you can. Lords of Waterdeep is a solid adaptation of the original physical board game, filled with lots of strategy and multiple options.

Built on very solid mechanics, Lords of Waterdeep is an elegantly designed game with great music and spot-on gameplay. With this game, you have tons of fun even when you lose! So, if you’ve had this title on your radar for quite a long time, go ahead and finally try this treat of a game. Actually, the game deserves an award for the tutorial alone. Perfection!

Pandemic: Fun Strategic Game to Play

Pandemic gameplay

Pandemic is a co-op-based digital replication of a board game where you take on the role of a member of a disease-fighting squad on a mission to stop the spread of lethal diseases and save humanity before everybody dies. In the game, you explore the locations that are at greatest risk and work together with your friends to survive. 

If you’ve played the physical board game and enjoyed it, chances are high that the digital version will appeal to you as well. However, if you’re a newbie, perhaps you should wait until they introduce the multiplayer feature. To cut a long story short, at a discount, the game is definitely worth it.

For the King: Brutal & Beautiful Strategic RPG 

For the King gameplay

For the King is a strategic adventure turn-based RPG that blends tabletop and roguelike ingredients in one super exciting gaming experience. The game features a procedurally designed fantasy world map overflowing with challenging quests and mind-blowing discoveries. The plot is far from being unique: a respected king has died, chaos is devouring your homeland, and only you can put an end to it. 

Keep in mind that the For the King game is rather brutal and, i.e., not always rewarding. It will instantly punish even the most innocent errors of yours. So, if you like fast-paced turn-based games and have a few sadistic friends to keep you company, you will absolutely enjoy beating most of the campaigns of this charming and whimsical game. When making the best out of For the King, you really forget about time.

Ticket to Ride: Fast-Paced Monopoly-Like Game

Ticket to Ride gameplay

Ticket to Ride, also referred to as TTR, is the official digital version of Days of Wonder’s traditional and hugely popular strategic train board game. In a way, the game feels like a fast-paced Monopoly variation. The distinction is that this time, you’re on a mission to claim routes between locations instead of building hotels and collecting rents. Overall, TTR is a perfect combination of luck and strategy.

The digital replication of Ticket to Ride is exactly like the board game, and in some ways, even better. The game is available on PC, as well as on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Ticket to Ride is exceptionally easily picked up and played. If you’ve never played a digital board game before, TTR is a great place to start. And it’s cheaper than the physical game — another excellent perk. Highly recommended.

Tabletop Simulator: Awesome Game to Play with Friends

Tabletop Simulator gameplay

Tabletop Simulator is an independent video game where you get to create board games in a multiplayer physics sandbox. When you try this game — or rather this tool for playing board games — you come to realize that from now on, you can enjoy any played-on-a-table game with it. 

The game is impressively customizable, it boasts tons of content, amazing community, and outstanding replayability. There are no rules to abide by. Tabletop Simulator is about you, a physical sandbox, and your buddies. Feel free to create your own board games and have a blast playing just the way you like. Cutting to the chase, the game is well worth the money.

Choose the Best Digital Board Game Adaptation for You

You may have noticed that in recent years board games have enjoyed a huge renaissance, and their digital adaptations have soon followed. So, how do you like the idea of playing all your favorite board games without getting out of your comfy bed? Not bad, huh? We think so too! Why manage all the physical assets when you can play your fav board games online!

Now, what are your thoughts on digital board games? Have you chosen the best one for you from our list published above? Perhaps, you’ve found your all-time favorite digital board game prior to reading our today’s post? You’re welcome to share your opinion on board games in the comment box below. Your two cents are highly valued here at HighermindApps.com.

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